Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Im Back, Fo' Real!

Hello my beautiful honeys.

So after being gone for what seems forever i have some mega exciting updates and plans to share with you guys and to assure you i am now back for good. So, what's been happening? Anything new happened to you lately? Do you have many plans for the new year? I SURELY DO!

This post stems from a burning desire to end this year on a high and well and truly give myself a fresh start in life. I wont go to much into it but this year was the hardest and toughest year of my life, im now ready to start living my life again, achieve as much as humanly possible and most importantly... enjoy living!

So what is planned for 2014?

  1. Continue with my blog. Although i haven't been on this blog for long, i really enjoy writing and connecting with some of you guys. Its like a social network for beauty addicts and i feel so at home. This year i am going to focus on my blog and hopefully make some blogger bff's. I have big ideas.        
  1. Complete my first year of nurse training. In September of this year i took the plunge and went back to uni after my gap year and began studying children's nursing, it is quite possibly the best thing i have ever done. I feel so motivated and happy now, this is really where i belong.                                          
  1. Fitness. Who doesn't have this as a new year's resolution right? I'm going to finally joy the gym after three years of fear, be able to run up the stairs without panting, and walk past the cupboard without grabbing a biscuit. Well.. Lets see how long this one really lasts (she says hopeful).

Although the three resolutions above are big plans for me this year, 2013 wasn't all bad. I started uni, got the cutest puppy ever, alongside gaining alot of friends for life. 

Aims ending 2013, bring on 2014
My main uni gals <3
Ozzy, oh so cute!

My not so baby sister at her prom
So guys, let me know your new years resolutions. What's your biggest plan? What are you most excited for? Leaving school, college or uni? All the best for 2014, lets make this a good one.

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