Friday, 6 July 2012

So a little update

Hello my lovleys...

So yes ive been quite mia lately but ive been super busy with work, i was ill for a duration and general up's and downs.
but im back!

do you ever go through a period in your life where you are completly confused and dont know what you want out of life? feel like your exsisting rather than living? thats my exact feelings at this moment. so in a aim to combat this i took a few steps that i thought i could share with you to help any of you guys who have/are/may experience the same thing...

1. start a journal:
ive never been the kind of girl to sit and right down all my feelings or keep a diary at all really, but ive found it to be really useful in helping me discover who i really am and what i want out of life. its such a liberating feeling!

2. make a mind map:
set a timer for three minutes and scribble down as many things you would like to do with your life. they dont have to be realistic, just write down everything and anything that comes into your head. when the three minutes is up fold the paper in half, place it inside an enevelope and dont look at it for 24 hours. the next day, open the envelope and see how many of your ideas are realistic. then simply.. go for it.

3. dont be afraid:  ive learnt to not let my fear of holding me back from what i want to do/get out of life. just go for it, you learn most from your mistakes and everyone makes them. so, moral of the story.. go for gold!

ive added these three things above in my life and i now feel so much better within myself and ive realised, so what if you dont get it right first time? everyones good at different things, individuality is key in making the world go round. My plans for my future career have changed massively and i have mounds of motivation to fight for where i want to be.

so, i understand this post is random, and many people probably do not want to hear about my life and are reading soley for the beauty, but i thought this may help other people discover who they really are an what they want.

Il be back to beauty blogging soon, any questions feel free to email me
till next time beautys....

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