Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Interactive 7 things for 7 days: June

Bonjour again beautiful individuals..
twice in one day. Someones motivated today!

So this post is inspired by the beautiful Louise of a sprinkleofglitter. This lovley lady has started a 'tag' in which blogger loves can set yourself 7 goals which you want to achieve each month.


1. Exercise: This past week i have been eating so healthy and motivated so increasing the intensity now in an attempt to get a bikini bod. So zumba will become my new best friend.

2. Compliment someone everyday: Ok, at first this sounds creepy yes, but just something as a little compliment can change someones whole day. So lets embrace those smiles.

3. Plan: Ive been working so hard lately with my final exams and working, and now my exams have finished ive thrown myself into work. Im starting to work so much im feeling run down, and im starting to miss the fun things in life. So yes, fun plans at least twice a week is a goal.

4: Make a new friend: I love surrounding myself with positive people, and after many negative experiences throughout my years i have realised this is more important than ever. Making a new friend is just something that keeps life exciting and interesting.

5: Experiment: Ive been loving nail art so much lately and really enjoyed painting my nails in crazy and unique ways, however i have found my fashion in fashion lately is dragging towards the same trends over and over again. So, i aim to experiment with different fashions just as i do with my nails.

6. Get a hobby: ok so its pretty obvious i am beauty obsessed and love trying new makeup, skincare and nail products, which has over the years developed as my hobbie. But id love to find a really hobby that i enjoy and where i can meet new people and be able to express myself in different ways.

7. Treat myself: Hd brows, eyelash tinting and a new manicure on the wishlist currently hehe!

This is a really good idea that mrs sprinkle of glitter has introduced to the blogging community, so come on! join usss!!


  1. Some good goals to achieve and number 2 is so sweet :)

    Tanesha x

  2. Good luck with yours! I'm also doing this. Exercise is something I want to achieve as well x

  3. zumba is super fun!

    hope you check my blog out and follow :)

  4. Nice blog!

    Here's mine

    Gem xxx