Monday, 18 June 2012

Best Drugstore/Highstreet: MASCARAS

hello beautiful people...

so im thinking im going to start a series of best drugstore/highstreet products, so we can all be glam on a budjet. Soo without further a do lets kick of this series with the UK's best drugstore mascaras...

Left to right: Bourjois Coup de theatre 2 in 1, rimmel lash accelerator, bourjois volume clubbing mascara, maxfactor 2000 calorie, loreal volume million lashes, loreal voluminous, loreal lash architect 4d, maxfactor false lash effect 24hrs

Bourjois Coup De Theatre 2in1: First impression of this mascara was definate length, no so much volume. It made my eyelashes look super long and like i was wearing every fine false eyelashes, but i didnt notice a substantail difference in the volume of my lashes. My lashes still appeared thin and almost looked like i just had naturally dark eyelashes. However it did hold curl well. So if you already have beautiful thick eyelashes and just want to add a little length.. try it out! £9.49

Loreal Volume Million Lashes: One word 'AMAZING'! i will never be without this mascara again. To be completly honest when i first bought this mascara i didnt really have high hopes for it as the tv advert seemed far too good to be true and i hadnt heard much through word of mouth in regards to this product. However when i put a coat of this on my lashes i was so happy with the results. Full thick long lashes, truly looks like false lashes. Try two coats of this mascara and you will be amazed. £10.99

Maxfactor 2000 Calorie: This mascara provides such a soft look to the lashes. it doesent really make the eyelashes look anything special but is quite a nice formula as it keeps your eyelashes soft and they dont feel stiff as they do with some formulas. This mascara is for you if want to darken the lash colour and add some volume yet still keep a natural look. £5.99

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara: This mascara was a complete let down for me. It made my eyelashes clumpy, brush was a strange shape and it got really messy. I dont really have anything good to say about this product except the packaging is really nice and feels expensive... not one to repurchase. £7.99

Rimmell Lash Accelerator: I found this product to be really similar to the bourjois coup de theatre. It made my eyelashes appear really long, yet thin and not voluminous at all. I like to use this mascara when im having a casual day and dont feel like wearing much makeup because it is really natural looking on the lashes. If you want a lengthing mascara, id give this one a try. £5.99

Loreal Voluminous: This mascara is such a nice mascara, it can provide so many different looks to the lashes. With 1-2 coats it can provide such a nice natural soft look to the eyes, but with 3-4 coats it can provide such a thick voluminous look to the lashes yet still natural.. if that makes any sense?! This mascara just makes you look like you have naturally amazing lashes. Ive read/seen a few reviews about this online and it appears to be a favourite for everybody. £5.99

Lash Architect 4D: This mascara alongside volume million lashes are my absouloute favourite among all of the mascaras i have reviewd. This mascara gives the eyes such a baby doll wide eyed look, i love it! its a definate staple in my makeup bag. Ive been using this mascara everday and i will definatly be repurchasing. £10.99

False lash effect 24Hr Mascara: This mascara is the best thicking mascara out of all the mascaras i have reviewed in this post. This mascara is brilliant to add volume and thickness to the lashes however i found it was just and average mascara in regards to adding length to the lashes. Oh, and as a little sidenote.. make sure you have some olive oil handy to remove this mascara, they are not joking when they say long lasting. It is super hard to remove. £10.99

All of these mascaras can be found at boots and superdrugs.


  1. you should try max factor masterpiece max, its amazing!!x

  2. Ohh never thought of trying that! Shall give it a go :) x